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Covid-19-infected heroine Poppy has increased breathing difficulties

The heroine Poppy was not spared from corona even from home. He had the sample tested last week if he showed signs of corona. Recently, he came to the results of Covid-19 positive. Since then he has been in isolation at his home in Khulna. He himself reported the news from Khulna.

Poppy said, ‘He had a fever for some time, with a cough. Sometimes the fever went down. But the body did not look good. At one time I was feeling short of breath. Later family members suggested testing samples for corona. He received the fruit last Wednesday.

How are you feeling now? When asked, Poppy said, ‘Shortness of breath has increased a bit. There is both fever and cough. The body is very weak. I am taking treatment according to the advice of the family doctor separately from home. Everyone will pray for me. '

Earlier, no one in Poppy's house was affected by Corona. How did he get infected? Poppy said, ‘I have been moving very cautiously since the corona infection increased. However, for some time now, we have been distributing food to the helpless people in different parts of the city at night. It didn't come out of nowhere. I can't say how it happened. '

Poppy moved from Dhaka to his ancestral home in Khulna after the onset of coronavirus infection. He has been staying there for about three months. At first, with the help of his family, Poppy himself helped low-income people in different parts of the city. He continued this collaboration for about a month and a half. Later, when Korono's outbreak increased, he stopped leaving the house.

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